Press Report (Draft)
More than 50 press articles were published about FPA Worlds 2012. A first Press Report is now available in PDF.


National TV: Studio Aperto
Very nice TV News Report about Riviera Beach Games and FPA Worlds by Italia 1 (Studio Aperto), Italian National channel. Great images and funny interviews.
Biggest Italian web portal says “There’s not only London 2012, there’s freestyle frisbee in Riccione”. Have a look at the awesome shots.
Also web portal was at PA Worlds 2012. This is the photogallery with action shots from Riccione.


Focus Video Report
Great and detailed Video Report by YouRiccione directly from FPA Worlds 2012: lot of action, playing, images from venue and audience, interviews to players and organizers.


Press Conference Report
Video Report by YouRiccione directly from FPA Worlds 2012 Press Conference: images and interviews to organizers and institutions, getting ready for a great event.