Videos of final routines
The videos of all the final routines are online at results page. Just click on each [video] link to experience again emotions, tricks and coreographies of FPA Worlds 2012.


National TV: Studio Aperto
Very nice TV News Report about Riviera Beach Games and FPA Worlds by Italia 1 (Studio Aperto), Italian National channel. Great images and funny interviews.


Focus Video Report
Great and detailed Video Report by YouRiccione directly from FPA Worlds 2012: lot of action, playing, images from venue and audience, interviews to players and organizers.


Press Conference Report
Video Report by YouRiccione directly from FPA Worlds 2012 Press Conference: images and interviews to organizers and institutions, getting ready for a great event.


Official Teaser
Have a look at the official FPA Worlds 2012 video teaser, trying to catch the #GoodFelling… it’s coming!


Recorded Streaming
Thanks to Tooway and Chris Bellaj we were able to broadcast almost the whole event… and it was a great success! Now you can watch again everything we recorded.